A 100% Free, Lightning-Fast Starter Theme.

The fastest, lightest, and most secure WordPress theme ever made.

LOADING SPEED MATTERS. That is the message companies such as Google have been aggressively pushing for the last several years, and for very good reason. A famous case study released by Amazon found that every 100ms of latency costed their company 1% in overall sales. If your business cares about its reputation and bottom line, then things like SSL (HTTPS), a proper VPS server, and a lightning-fast WordPress theme are absolute MUST HAVES these days.

Starter is a free theme created for the WordPress platform that anyone can download, share, use, or modify. The project is managed by Jesse Nickles, the founder of LittleBizzy, and was released at the request of dozens of our managed hosting clients after they saw how “lightning-fast” our homepage loads when using a similar custom theme.

Starter Is the Primitive ‘Flappy Bird’ Of WordPress Themes

In short, Starter is the Flappy Bird of WordPress themes; it doesn’t seek to chase after design trends or show off with fancy scripts, but rather aims to provide a simplistic cornerstone for website speed, stability, and security. Originally, this “stupefied” template was not by design (at first, anyway), but because our coding skills were abysmal (and still are, frankly). That being said, anyone with even a basic understanding of HTML, CSS, and JS should be able to find their way around Starter.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”

Albert Einstein

For the past decade, we’ve coded custom WordPress themes for high-end SEO clients that not only blew them away when it came to loading speed and ease of maintenance — one client from 2011 is still using the original code — but that have also achieved phenomenal results in the areas of search engine rankings and conversion optimization. You see, they didn’t know how to use page-builders or theme settings pages anyway, so by removing that temptation completely, errors and conflicts were almost completely non-existent, and clients contacted their developer (us) when changes were needed, rather than trying to play Hollywood Hacker.

Leverage The Best, And Eliminate The Worst, Of WordPress

Aimed primarily at developers and agencies, Starter is meant to be hacked. However, unlike some other “starter” themes for WordPress, the goal here is to avoid the need for development teams to constantly remove tons of pre-existing features before the template files become truly viable for a project. Instead, by maintaining a minimalistic approach, Starter can be rapidly installed into a new website and then “built out” in whatever manner is required; there are plenty of free “add-on” features and snippets documented on this website to get you started.

Starter is neither a Child Theme, Parent Theme, Or Framework…

Besides looking at theme development from a “build out” perspective, Starter also attempts to implement something closer to the Once And Only Once philosophy behind much of computer programming that is too often lacking in WordPress.

Released per the WTFPL 2.0 license, you can literally do whatever the f*ck you want with this code. Since licenses are mostly mental comfort, and people tend to steal whatever they want on the internet, we didn’t think a restrictive license made sense for Starter. That being said, we do kindly request and sincerely appreciate any backlinks or credit if you do use our code either directly or as inspiration, although credit is not required (or expected, let’s face it).

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